Sleep in your makeup? Heres what happens when you do...

Sleep in your makeup? Heres what happens when you do...

We have all been there, drunk AF from a night out, you finally arrive home after a long taxi drive and you just dive into bed, fully clothed, with a full face of makeup still intact. Before you even know it, you're fast asleep and its suddenly Sunday morning and you're waking up, looking and feeling not so pleasant any more.

Sleeping in your makeup is one of the worst things a person can do for their skin and face. It can cause different complications to your face which, let’s face it (no pun intended) no one wants.

Spot Galore - Sleeping in your makeup overnight will build up as debris and oils in your pores, which will lead to breakouts, blackheads and spots on your pretty face. Also, is there anything worse than waking up with last nights clogged mascara? Ouch!

Let it breath - Your skin needs to breath, sleeping in your makeup causes your skin to be suffocated during the night, especially if you have been wearing your full face since 5pm Saturday evening, and it’s still going strong 20 hours later. Once home fully remove your makeup and give yourself some breathing time, you will thank yourself when you don’t have as many ageing lines in later life. 

Dry Dry Dry- Fact: Makeup stops the skin absorbing moisture, therefore the longer you are wearing it, the drier your face will become in the long run. Simple as that. 

Listen to your skin- Sometimes our skin does talk to us, speaking from experience, for example, eating junk food a lot of the time will cause break outs, which is your skins way of telling you "Eat some fruit and vegetables will you, FFS."

The same thing happens with makeup, the more you cake your face in makeup, allowing yourself to sleep in it, the worse your skin will get. Whilst sleeping we are at ultimate rest, which your skin knows, therefore stripping yourself free of all makeup before bed will allow your face to rest also. Leaving you with a clear and healthy face. 

There is nothing better than healthily skin, and let’s face it, we all crave perfect skin. So stop sleeping in all that slap and get yourself fresh before you sleep, wake up in the morning and get a Hangover Sheet Mask on your face to re-hydrate everything you lost the night before, and your good to go!

Daniel Fletcher

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