How To: Hydrating Sheet Mask

How To: Hydrating Sheet Mask

How To: Sheet Mask

Are you yet to try our Give Me Sheet Mask, then now is the perfect time. Everyone is going sheet mask crazy and we have a step by step guide to fulfil your sheet mask experience. Follow these steps to give yourself firmer, softer and younger looking skin in time for the weekend.

 Step 1.
Cleanse and Dry your face thoroughly. Always ensure your face is clean before using the mask. Remove any makeup and ensure your face is completely clear and dry.
Step 2.
Open sealed Sheet mask package and apply it to your face. Gently press the mask onto your face, making sure it is not touching your eyes.
Step 3.
Squeeze out any excess collagen from the mask packet onto your face and ensure the mask is fully firm.  Leave on for 20-30 minutes, we like to relax and watch an episode of Friends (or another 30-minute length show) whilst the mask is on, allowing all the collagen and vitamins to totally absorb into your face. This will get you the best results and benefits.
Step 4.
Remove the mask from your face gently.
Step 5.
Once the mask is removed, rub in any excess collagen gel into your face with clean fingertips until dry.
Step 6.
Enjoy looking at the new you in the mirror with fresh, soft and firmer skin.
And just like that... you can have fresh, soft, younger and tighter looking skin within minutes. 
Have you tried our Sheet Mask? Comment what you think below...
Daniel Fletcher

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