Help Save the Planet with Give Me's NEW Eco Pad

Help Save the Planet with Give Me's NEW Eco Pad

In a world where our oceans are clogged up with plastic pollution and our lands are piling up with non-biodegradable landfill waste. Serious actions must be taken to save our planet. 


Little changes in your day-to-day routine can make a huge difference in helping to reduce our waste production. 

Give Me Cosmetics are here to help make an impact with their NEW ECO Pads. 

'A reusable make-up wipe that is kind to your skin & the environment!' 

'The ECO Pad quickly removes make-up with ease through it's soft-to-touch micro-fibres. Say goodbye to landfill waste with Give Me's washable ECO Pads. With up to 200 washes in one pad, do your part to save the planet!' 


Did you know that the average person can use up to 730 make-up wipes a year! It also take up to 100 years for each wipes to break down!

With the proper care, one ECO Pad could last you up to a year! Imagine the positive effect it could have on our environment if everyone bought one!

Machine wash every 7 days and rinse with water in-between washes. 

To use, simply apply your make-up remover/micellar water to the pad or just place in warm water and wipe away. The ECO Pad is soft and gentle on even the most sensitive skin and doesn't require any harsh rubbing, leaving your skin throughly cleansed and feeling fresh. 

The ECO Pads come in two colours, Pink & Black. Don't worry about make-up staining the pad either. The fluffy micro-fibres can hold up to seven times its weight in water, the ECO Pad washes residue out instantly when rinsed with water and rubbed together. 

Take the step to a cleaner planet and transform your make up removing routine with Give Me's ECO Pads.  



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Becca Corlett

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