People Are Replacing Their Beauty Regime with CBD Products & Here’s Why


You can’t deny that over this last decade, attitudes have somewhat altered towards the use of medicinal cannabis and whilst it is still illegal in the UK to smoke it, people can’t get enough of its alternative. The latest craze to buzz around the internet, is Cannabis related product CBD. Most commonly used as an oil, you can use the product in lattes, massages and even beauty lotions!


What is CBD?

 CBD is short for cannabidiol, a chemical component found in the cannabis plant. Once it has been transformed into oils, it can help create the feeling of relaxation and relieve anxiety. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) it is not Psychoactive. (The notion of feeling high)


Is it Legal?

 Yes & No

 Yes, it is legal to buy as long as it is from a certified supplier and beauty brands that contain less than 0.2% of hemp seed (THC). Holland & Barrett sell food supplements & oil which are completely legal.


What Products Should I Use?

 It all depends on what you are using the CBD for. There are many products specifically designed to help anxiety, stress, healing, painful joints & anti-inflammatory needs. There are even CBD induced beauty products to prevent signs of aging!


Here are some of the top CBD beauty products on the market.


Discipline Miracle Drops



As The Evening Standard’s top pick, this CBD oil has a dual approach to tackle stressed out skin by either applying directly to the skin on taken orally. The oil is designed to reduce irritation and inflammation whilst helping maintain the balance of sebum production. The use of hemp seed oil soothes itching and eczema.

£30| Cult Beauty | Shop Here


Murad Revitaliser Recovery Serum


 At first it isn’t completely obvious that this product contains CBD oil but this cleverly formulated serum is infused with Sativa Seed oil and Anti-aging Omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as skin hydrating hyaluronic acid which works to plump and even the skin tone. It is the perfect product for stressed out sun-starved skin during the winter.

 £70| Murad | Shop Here


The Inkey List Hemp Oil Moisturiser


As one of the lower-priced skincare brands that produces CBD products, Inkey List Hemp Oil cream is a lightweight moisturiser that is going down a treat with its users.


Specially formulated for stressed out complexions that show the appearance of fine lines and irritations. The hydrating formula is packed with hemp oil and energizing Omega 6 fatty acids for a plumper, matte looking complexion.

 £7.99 | Feel Unique | Shop Here


Perricone CBx for Men, Soothing Post Shave Treatment


A very popular product in men’s health and beauty, Perricone MD is renowned for great skincare. Containing phytocannabinoids and hemp seed oil, the anti-inflammatory effect is ideal for preventing and treating irritation caused by shaving. It also helps the balance in oily skin with its lightweight and soothing treatment. This product is also environmentally friendly as it comes in a smart looking green glass bottle for the perfect #shelfie.

 £39 | John Lewis | Shop Now


Herbivore Emerald Cannabis Sativa Deep Moisturiser Glow Oil



This super-light skin softener gives off a silky soft-to-touch finish as well as a subtle radiance to the face without the greasy feel. Although the texture is feather light, the oil is an extremely successful moisturising treatment thanks to Sativa Oil from hemp which also helps tackle redness & fine lines.


The oil also contains Shiitake Mushrooms and Ashwagandha root to help fight breakouts and keep you skin clean.

 £42 | Space NK | Shop Here



Kiehls Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil


Containing naturally calming herbs which contributes to the vivid green appearance in the oil. For all irritation prone skin – types, from oily to dry skin. The 60% Sativa oil calms visible redness and relieves itching and irritation. In addition, the beauty serum contains aromatic green oregano oil which is most commonly used as an anti -septic and soothes the skin to help fight and heal breakouts.

 £38 | Kiehl’s | Shop Here




Melissa Bowker

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