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Patsy Palmer Hack to a Last-Minute Hair Fix

Former EastEnders star, Patsy Palmer’s is renowned for her thick & bouncy auburn hair and never ageing, fresh-faced freckled complexion.


The soap star blessed our screens on and off the east end of Walford from 1993 – 2014 with the infamous character of Bianca Jackson. Where she became well known for her character’s marriage with ‘Rickaaayy!”


Nowadays, Patsy packed in the square and all acting jobs for the luxurious beaches of Malibu with her family, where she gigs regularly as a house DJ.


But how does the 47-year-old accomplish such healthy and luscious locks consistently throughout the year in such hot and dry climates?


Luckily, she’s let everyone on her hair secret!


The Give Me Hair Mask.


Enriched in deep conditioning Coconut & Argan Oils, Patsy loves to use the hair mask whenever she has to attend a last-minute DJ set and her hair needs a nourishing wake up.


She loves the sweet coconut smell and texture of the mask as her hair is thick and can sometimes become unmanageable; but luckily the coconut hair mask penetrates into the follicles for a deep nourishment. The oils also contribute to a glossy finish when the hair has been dried to really make her iconic fiery hair shine in the Malibu sun.



To achieve results Patsy swears by, shop Give Me’s Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Mask Today!

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