Nicole Scherzinger REVEALS the secret to luscious hair!

Nicole Scherzinger REVEALS the secret to luscious hair!

Pussycat Dolls front woman, Nicole Schezinger is renowned for her infamous luscious ebony locks.

No matter what decade is what, the girl bands wardrobes may have been questionable, but Nicole’s hair game has always stayed strong.


But what is the secret to Scherzy’s hair success? How does she keep it so strong and thick despite continuous travelling and styling through the years?


Well now she REVEALS just how she maintains her healthy mane and it’s so quick and easy to use! The Give Me Hair Mask, specifically designed to nourished, condition and hydrate dry & damaged hair. It works to repair and restore health back to hair follicles that have been exposed to over styling, heat and processed bleach, leaving an improvement in your locks every time you apply.


Enriched with natural Coconut & Argan Oils, the infusions contribute to a smooth and shiny finish, leaving a glam look that is worthy of Celeb Envy.


Check Out Nicole’s Video below to see her Hair Care Routine!


Melissa Bowker

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