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Love Island Winners 2023 - Winter Edition

Looks like the nice Guy doesn’t finish last! 

Presented by our new bombshell host, Maya Jama, we saw a new incredible villa in the rural landscapes of South Africa. 

There was plenty of drama and tension in this years Winter Edition of Love Island, with a few disloyal boys (and some girls) But it wouldn’t be Love Island without a few ‘tests’. 

But amidst the ‘gameplayers’ were our obvious winners of Love Island 2023. ​​Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan. As their eyes met across the pool in Casa Amor it was plain sailing until the very end for this dreamy couple, winning the £50k, which they of course split. 

However, it wasn’t the best start for our P.E Teacher from Burnage. Starting his journey in the Villa, Kai coupled up with the glamorous Hair stylist, Tanyel Ravel, before entangling a fiery fling with firecracker, Oliva Hawkins. But it soon proved not meant to be for these two as they both decided to recouple in Casa Amour, not without returning with a few frosty words fired across the firepit that caused us viewers to watch through hand-covered eyes! 

But for our beautiful bombshell, Sanam, there was only one boy for her and from start to finish, it was pure joy to see these two blossom and grow together, no drama, no tests; just pure admiration, respect and eventually the ‘L’ bomb was dropped live before our eyes on the finale couch. 


Our runners-up included Financial advisor, Ron Hall & Makeup Artist, Lana Jenkins. These two certainly showed strength from day one, but one or two comments made from cheeky chappy, Ron, may have swayed the public vote away from the O.G couple. It may have taken a few ‘tests’ for Ron to realise Lana was ‘The one’ and his questionable strategising in the last few weeks may have rung a few alarm bells in the public ears, but nevertheless, he stayed faithful in Casa and Lana stayed by his side throughout (apart from the 24hour Casey episode). 

Our third finalist was the beautiful Estate Agent, Samie Elishi and footballer Tom Clare. As much as we absolutely loved seeing these two together, we can’t forget how much of a naughty boy Tom has been in this year's South African Villa. From first walking into the villa and stealing Olivia from Will, then shortly recoupling with newbie Zara, then his head turned for bombshell, Ellie (where they shared a cheeky kiss on the terrace, causing a 4-way dramatic eruption between Olivia, Ellie & Zara). We’d also like to say that as soon as Samie waltzed into the villa, blowing all of the boys off their feet, Tom had changed his ways and only had eyes for the brunette bombshell. But unfortunately, Tom had to have one final test with Scottish beauty, Lydia Karakyriakou. Resulting in heartbreak for both girls and one very awkward brunch, filled with tears, anger and condolences. 


It took a lot of grafting, grovelling and one quickly whipped-up poem, but Tom finally managed to win his girl back and the relationship between Tom and Samie really did make the public melt. (I mean who wouldn’t go weak at the knees at a Ferrari-driven, rose-covered, candlelit dinner accompanied by a harp?) 


Falling fourth, we saw our lovely airport security officer, Shaq Muhammad and Liverpool-based, biomedical science student, Tanya Manhenga. These two most definitely had an explosive relationship, which we saw on multiple occasions, however, despite the kissing challenge, Casa Amor, Martin, Movie night etc, they always seemed to have a magnetic pull towards each other. It was obvious that they were meant to be. 



But all in all, Kai and Sanam were our through and through winners and we cannot wait to see these two progress in life and grow together into a beautiful relationship.

Who’s Ready for Summer Love Island already?




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