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It's shedding season - Why you lose more hair during the winter

As most of us know, it is completely natural to lose up to 100 hairs a day, this is just part of your body's natural renewal cycle that it goes through: the same way your skin sheds.

If you feel like you are losing more excess hair, this can be down to a few more contributing factors. Hormones play a massive part in your hair condition, length, health and sadly the volume of hair loss. This is why you may see an increase of loss in your hair when your body goes through changes or stress, for example if you are expecting a baby or when you are in postpartum. Excess shedding after pregnancy can be down to the falling estrogen levels but this tends to level out after about 12 months with most women regaining their full hair health.

In some cases, when the regrowth appears, some mums have noticed incredible differences in their hair from pin straight to tight ringlet curls.

Other factors that can affect hair loss include nutrient deficiencies like Iron and Zinc as well as Vitamins C, D and E. These nutrients all play a massive role in the blood flow to your scalp and ensuring blood is oxygenated enough. Without these minerals you may see that your hair doesn’t particularly grow quickly or in extreme cases it falls out at an excessive rate. 

It can also be hereditary. This can be something that you can inherit from your bloodline. Genetic-lead hair loss can be more common in men and sadly, in some cases can lead to baldness; ever heard of the bald gene? 

The youngest boy in the UK to lose his hair for genetic reasons was 16! This condition affects around 80% of men from receding hairlines to going completely bald. ​​

The colder weather also affects how much hair we lose, this not only affects the hair on our heads but also our eyelashes and body hair. During the winter months whilst the air is typically colder we see hair loss at a more rapid speed and this is due to the cold air sucking moisture from your hair follicles and scalp which can also lead to breakage.

There are ways of reducing hair loss and encouraging more growth and luckily, here at Give Me, we have some tricks up our sleeves.

Hormone balancing and supplements are always an option but if you're like me and not a fan of this, here is my routine for sustaining my hair growth and maintaining my hair loss.

To start, I will always use rosemary oil at least an hour before I wash my hair; if not all day in a slick back look! Rosemary oil needs to be diluted and the Give Me Cosmetics Nourishing Hair Oil has a perfect blend with 15 other essential oils, including Castor Oil which is going to help assist your hair growth!



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I then use a Scalp Scrub when I go to wash my hair. I apply this to wet hair and massage it before going in with Shampoo and Conditioner. This helps to stimulate the hair follicles and promote that all important blood flow which results in hair growth. This also helps to remove any product build up and dead skin which could be blocking the pores and causing oily roots or dandruff. If I don’t use a scalp scrub after every wash, I will double shampoo and lather with my Exfoliating Scalp Massager Brush to continue the scalp stimulation.




Another way I maintain my length is by avoiding the hairdressers! If I am taking care of my hair at home I won’t need to go to the hairdressers as often and won’t be losing as much from unnecessary trims! I do this by following my consistent hair routine, which includes the most important Hair Repair cream. This bonds together split ends by using natural proteins which is going to make your hair thicker, stronger and healthier with no split ends and flyaways!



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The all important rule is that we need to remember that hair loss is completely normal but if you do feel like you’re not in-control of this please seek medical advice from your pharmacy or GP.

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