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Is Give Me Cosmetics Animal Cruelty Free?


In a society that is ever evolving, archaic practices such as animal testing are slowly becoming a thing of the past. People generally want to know where their cosmetics (e.g. hair, skincare, nails and perfume products) come from, and what the ethical legislation is behind their manufacturing.

Many high street brands still follow in the practice of animal testing, but how can you tell?

Well the easy way of checking is if the packaging shows the official Animal Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny on the product.



Does that mean that everything else is tested on animals?


The answer is no, it may be easier to spot but other brands can still claim animal cruelty free without the stamp.

The truth is, that the badge is only applied if the brand has the budget to buy and display the symbol which can become very costly for a start up company. Some new companies may see this as an added expenditure that may not be needed at this time, but if they have the proof, they can still claim that they are animal cruelty free.


If Cosmetics are Made in China, Are They Tested on Animals?


China is one of the biggest beauty manufacturing markets in the world but there is a Law in China that states, ‘China is the only country that requires, by law, for cosmetics to be tested on animals.’ Now this is something that most people know and so as soon as they see on the back of cosmetic packaging, ‘Made in China’, they automatically assume that the product has been tested on animals.


 Now the truth is, this is not the full declaration of Chinese Law; the law does state that products made and soldin the Chinese market must be tested on animals – but what if they are not sold in China?


If products are manufactured in China but not sold through the Chinese Market, then they can by-pass the law.

Is Give Me Cosmetics Animal Cruelty Free?


The answer is 100%, despite Give Me Cosmetics not displaying the official bunny badge on their packaging, they are still well in their rights to claim this notion. Packaging on Give Me Cosmetics, does however declare that the products are made in China BUT they do not actually sell to the Chinese Market. After post-production in China, they have the products shipped to the UK and tested at Oxford Biosciences, where they are tested in the lab and not on animals until they get the best formula for their customer’s needs.


Give Me Cosmetics go to great lengths to ensure their products and practice are ethical and of high quality in order to maintain a high level of excellence in their brand and ethos. They are also ISO Certified and CPSR approved. 

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Great to have all this information that is very easy to find for once!
I will never buy products that are not cruelty free.
I now have the full skin care range from give me cosmetics and will continue to shop here.


Thanks for that information , will now purchase confident that no animal testing has occurred.


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