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How to rejuvenate your skin overnight

During the Nighttime, your skin shifts into repair mode so the best time to take care of your skin is in the PM when it can really get to work and fight any concerns you may be having. 

There are other practices that can help boost your skin replenish overnight, implementing these before bed will give your skin its best chance at glowing the next day! To start with, make sure you are sleeping on clean sheets and introduce a Satin Pillowcase as this creates less creasing and dragging on the skin. Scientists say that if you sleep with your head more elevated this can also help you wake up with clearer skin.


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Drink plenty of water in the evening and make sure you take some to bed with you! Water is your best friend. Do facial exercises and incorporate a gua sha into your routine, massaging your skin can help with lymphatic drainage making your skin tighter and more chiseled.

During your evening skincare routine there are certain products, ingredients and techniques you can onboard to help your skin in its rejuvenating process.

To start, make sure you are double cleansing! Wearing makeup to bed can significantly impact the skin's ability to rejuvenate and can cause more issues in the long run like breakouts! Double cleansing is critically important as this is your fresh base, cleansed and hydrated skin. 




Now we have a couple of ways to double cleanse: if you wear makeup we would recommend our double cleanse bundle as this first cleanse is going to remove your makeup and really melt it down to nothing. Then the second cleanse is going to cleanse deeper and really flush out your pores, any impurities and makeup reminisce will be gone! 



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Now if you're not a makeup wearer, I have another way to double cleanse, this time I would start with the Cleansing Balm with Green tea and Vitamin E then I would go in with our Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C Cleanser for a deeper cleanse again. This type of double cleanse is going to help flush out the impurities as well as the pollutants that our skin faces everyday. This will also help your skin to incorporate any other ingredients that can get to work overnight like our Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.




Before continuing with any other skincare, allow your skin to dry and breath whilst these ingredients get to work. If I fancy it, I would use a sheet mask or any eye patches for that intense hydration and to give my skin as many key ingredients to absorb during my beauty sleep.

At this point, I would go in with the toner and a face serum… I personally like to use our Retinol Serum or Hyaluronic Acid Serum at night whilst I take my Vitamins in the morning! Now Serums need time to absorb so the nighttime is the perfect time to use this as it has the optimum chance to make a difference. Here is where I would also include my eye cream so we can wake up fresh faced even if we didn’t get a whole 8 hours of rest!



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Now the star of the show! Give Me Cosmetics Rejuvenating Overnight Cream is the Créme de la Créme in luxury skincare. This whipped, silky soft formula is the perfect final step before bed! With Shea Butter and Vitamin E this Rejuvenating Overnight Cream is going to leave you feeling hydrated, supple and revived. We formulated this overnight cream to work its magic whilst you sleep. Our favourite thing about this night cream is it is super hydrating which is the secret to anti-aging and acne-prone skin but unlike other brands this doesn’t leave a greasy residue which can lead to more breakouts!




Make sure you are implementing this routine to wake up feeling rejuvenated! 

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