How to grow your hair in 4 simple steps

How to grow your hair in 4 simple steps

Give Me Cosmetics has released the ultimate bundle to unlock the secret lengths of your hair! 

Do you feel like you're doomed with short hair? Can’t get your hair to grow past a certain length? It thins out as it grows? Well, we have brought together the perfect 4 products for you to break free from these hair growth myths and step into long luscious locks.

This 4-piece set included everything we have been telling you to use for years but we’ve bundled it up so you can SAVE! From in-shower techniques to caring to the last time this haircare routine will be the key to achieve your goal hair length.



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Starting with the ever famous Clarifying & Exfoliating Scalp Scrub and Brush. Now this might not seem like an obvious choice for hair growth but our Coconut, Argan and Rosemary Oil formula will help to unblock the hair follicles and receptors in your scalp. Whipped together with natural salt, it’s time to massage this magical formula into your scalp. Use this on wet hair for a beautiful lather and the scrub will get to work alongside the scalp massager brush. Using this also stimulates the hair root as it encourages blood flow to the hair follicle.




The next step is suitable for wet and dry hair and this is our viral Hair Repair Cream with Wheat and Corn Protein as well as being enriched with Vitamin B3 and B5. This luxurious formula will bond together your split ends coating them in the protein rich formula to mend any damage. Using this will eliminate the need for as many haircuts, it will make your hair stronger and reduce the appearance of damage.



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Our final holy grail hair growth product has to be our Four Curls Nourishing Hair Oil with 15 essential oils including the must have rosemary oil! Blended with castor oil, argan, coconut and jojoba, this formula is the perfect hair nourishing formula. Rosemary oil and castor oil are famous for their hair growth abilities and encouraging new growth. We recommend using this on wash day and massage into the scalp directly. This can also be worn alongside a slick back look, sleek and effective.




Using these 4 products in unison will help aid your hair growth journey for longer and stronger hair. Remember consistency is key, you're not going to get 10 inches of growth overnight but this will speed up the process.




If you are still struggling with excessive hair loss, no growth and any other hair queries this could be a bigger journey and we would recommend speaking to a professional, pharmacist or GP.

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