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Hollyoaks Star - Jen Metcalfe Reveals the Secret to her Silky, Stunning Locks!

Jenifer Metcalf, best known for her iconic long-running portrayal of Mercedes McQueen in British TV Soap, Hollyoaks, has had many fans envious over the years with her continuous display of long luscious, locks that never seem to falter.


Well luckily for her followers, the soap star revealed the secret to keeping her hair in such incredible condition, considering the volume of styling it goes through on the Hollyoaks set to achieve Mercedes MacQueen.




“At the minute, I’m in work quite a lot so the tonging & blow drying is really taking its toll on my hair, as you can see, it’s quite dry and its quite dull”


“A few of my friends recommended this to me, and I was like yeah just another product…. This is not just another product!”


Metcalfe announced that she used Give Me’s Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Mask. The creamy formula works to add moisture to dry hair with regular use, creating a softer touch and noticeably shinier hair!


“Oh my Gosh, it’s so silky, and shiny, I can barely feel it against my fingers!”


In just a few simple steps the transformation is incredible in Jen’s Hair and the best thing is, its achievable from the comfort of your own home!



Step 1. Wash and Condition Hair

Step 2. Apply mask to towel dried hair

Step 3. Leave in for 10-15 mins

Step 4. Rinse Out


No need to worry about the condition of your hair during yet another lockdown, The Give Me Hair Mask will help that extended gap between salon appointments maintain and repair damaged hair with every use!



“I will definitely, definitely be using this once a week as part of my haircare routine!”



Now part of Give Me’s Black Friday Sale, The Hair Mask can be bought with a whopping 60% off when you buy 2!


Buy yours today – 2 for £12!


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