Give Me launches a NEW Makeup Remover

Give Me launches a NEW Makeup Remover

Give Me Clear Skin


For many of us, removing makeup before bed can be a chore! All evening skin routines differ but the one thing that is must, is the removal of makeup before getting into bed.


Not only will it stain your perfectly lovely pillowcases & give you unattractive panda eyes in a morning; Sleeping in your makeup overnight will build up as debris and oils in your pores, which will lead to breakouts, blackheads and a blemish complexion. Dried out mascara can cause irritations and when rubbed too hard will pull out your eyelashes and can become very sensitive and painful (You may rub your face in your sleep).

PLUS – We should all know by now how damaging make-up wipes are to the environment!


Well luckily Give Me has the answer to your skincare nightmare! The Give Me Makeup Remover.


Enriched in nourishing grapeseed and olive oil, the gentle non-greasy formula, cleanses makeup from the face, eyes & lips by locking into the pores and moisturises the skin after removal. So, you can go to bed with a soft and thoroughly cleansed complexion.

It’s so easy to use!  Simply apply to dry skin & gently massage onto the face in a circular motion. Add water to emulsify into a milky cleanser: continue to massage the Makeup Remover into the skin and rinse clean with water. 


And for the best removal, pair up the remover with Give Me’s Eco Pad, through its soft-to-touch micro fibres that can hold up to 7x its weight in water. 


No need for painful rubbing or contribution to landfill waste!

Have you ever seen a better match made in heaven!

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Melissa Bowker

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