Give Me Launches a NEW Flavour Lip Scrub to Brighten Up Your Winter

Give Me Launches a NEW Flavour Lip Scrub to Brighten Up Your Winter

There’s nothing worse than chapped lips in the cold winter months, the constant combination of walking from warm heated houses into the bitter cold air can play havoc with the moisture in your lips and sometimes a simple lip balm just won’t cut it when the dead skin piles up, and the minute they split.. Ouch! It’s too painful to think about!


Luckily Give Me Cosmetics have a fun range of exfoliating lip scrubs and they taste delicious too!


The scrumptious (& edible) lip scrubs come in 4 tasty flavours to suit every palette. Sweet Candy Floss, Zingy Mojito, Yummy Chocolate Mint and now to brighten your frosty dark winter days, Zesty Mango!


Rich in natural oils & antioxidants the sugar scrub exfoliates and forms a hydrating and nourishing barrier on the lips for hydration after removing the dead skin. 


Simply apply to your lips, scrub and lick away!


To maintain moisture after exfoliating your dry lips, check out Give Me’s range of lips balms, Vanilla & Passion fruit for brightened and moisturised lips.


(Cannot be used as a meal replacement)

Melissa Bowker

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