Give Me A Perm…

Whenever we would hear the word 'Perm' we would automatically think of our grandma, until now... The perm is making a comeback, not just for our nan this time, the 80s hair favourite is now hitting the salons, with more and more people requesting the curly do. We never thought we would see the day that this hair trend would return, but it’s here and its actually cool.

As soon as celebrities such as Emma Stone and Gigi Hadid took their new ‘do’ to Instagram, it suddenly confirmed what we had questioned, that the '80s curls are back, but this time with a little more care and a little less height.

Curly hair doesn’t always mean big and bushy, there are many different types of curled hair, natural, fake, tight, loose. If you are gifted with natural curly hair, we envy you. Now is your time to shine.  Take a look at our fave celeb choices rocking their curls.

Emma Stone.

As mentioned previously Emma Stone went whole hog with her curls. Her makeup artist teamed up with her and documented the process. Not sure we would be taking selfies with this look, we will wait until the finished masterpiece for our pictures.


Gigi Hadid

Let’s face it, Gigi could not wash her hair for a year and still look amazing with greasy hair. So, when she tried the perm, it was always going to look amazing. The girl can do no wrong. 

Chloe Lewis

Chloe is such a natural beauty, so when she started wearing her natural curls and killing it with them, it wasn’t a surprise. We much prefer Chloe with her natural hair (soooo jealous) and while it’s on trend, we think you keep it up Clo.


Jenna Dewan

Since Jenna hit our screens in 2006 as Nora in Step Up, we’ve been slightly obsessed with her (we still aren’t over the split with Channing guys, *cries*) and when she decided to try out some curls for herself we went crazy for it.


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Have any of your fave celebs rocked a curly ‘do’? Drop us a comment and let us know.

Daniel Fletcher

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