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Five Ways Nature Improves Your Mental Health

Given the exceptional circumstances we have been living in the past year,  it can be easy to get emotionally overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

Research proves that the environment we surround ourselves with impacts our mood, mental health, and wellbeing. One way to improve stress and anxiety in our day-to-day lives is to connect and immerse ourselves in nature.

Let's explore the different ways nature reveals to be essential to balance our mental state.

Explore green spaces around you 



When dealing with depression, many of us take for granted how green spaces can immediately lift our moods. Whether it is taking a stroll to your local park or visiting a botanic garden, exposing yourself to nature keeps you positive and level-headed. 

Bring nature to you 



For the individuals who suffer from social anxiety, leaving the house can become a challenge: the solution is to bring nature to you. Simply opening a window and breathing in some fresh air sometimes can make a huge impact on your mood. 

Many people during lockdown have also discovered a newfound love for gardening and tending to houseplants. Gardeners swear by the amazing healing and therapeutic benefits that closeness to the natural world has on your spirit. So grab your boots and shovel and prepare to get down and dirty!

Immerse into nature and practice mindfulness 



Meditation is a well-known practice that delivers endless benefits to the human body, mind, and soul, but combining this discipline with natural surroundings helps relieve tension and alleviate depression.

Exercise & Nature



It's common knowledge that exercising and working out even for 10 minutes a day has incredible health benefits.  Keeping active helps strengthen your physical wellness, improves sleeping quality, and even gives you a longer life expectancy.

Ultimately nature and outdoor activities are proven to release something we call happy chemicals out of our bodies. For instance, exposure to the sun or a walk in a park can release serotonin which is a hormone that helps us control our mood and generates feelings of wellness and happiness.

Nature & Creativity



We live in a world where technology and the constant flow of information are slowly overtaking our lives. Many of us find it extremely hard to switch off and be in the moment. But being exposed to beautiful natural scenes allows us to live in the now and explore our often neglected creative flare.

Whether you love painting, drawing, or just writing your thoughts and ideas in a journal, go out there and get inspired!


Bonus Tip: Nature & Skincare

Taking care of your body and skin is also a great way to release from the stresses of the day. Make sure your unwinding routine features natural ingredient products.

The Give Me Makeup Remover and Eco Pads are an easy way to relax and cleanse your skin and ultimately a great way to take care of nature.




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