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Claire From Steps Reveals SHOCK New Favourite Product on Tour!

Claire Richards, blonde beauty from beloved 90's band Steps has revealed that due to her current hectic routine whilst getting ready to take the band back on tour, her hair has developed it's on Tragedy.



"We've obviously been working really hard in rehearsals & I've been working quite a lot lately so my hair's taken a little bit of a battering!"

"It's feeling really rubbish if I'm honest!" 

After a 10 year split from the band, followed by an on off hiatus and throwing a pandemic into the mix; the band have had to work extra hard to maintain the same energy & appearance they once had 20 years ago. 

Claire has always been recognised for her iconic bouncy short blonde hair but she has recently admitted there are struggles that come along with the look.

"As a blonde, there are two things, I find it really difficult to find anything that makes my hair shiny... And it's really difficult to get that nice clean blonde." 

"I found when I've used other shampoo's in the past that unless it's a silver shampoo, that I don't get that nice clean blonde"

But after years of struggling, Richards discovered The Haircare Bundle by Give Me Cosmetics and her views we pleasantly transformed. 

The Haircare Bundle consists of the Coconut Oil & Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Mask. Specifically designed to repair & restore tired, dry, damaged hair.

"Do you know what when I normally wash my hair, I really struggle to brush it out afterwards. But with that Conditioner that wasn't bad at all. It was a lot less knotty than it is usually!"

"I've rinsed off the Hair Mask and do you know what, I'm actually really chuffed with the results!" 

The Chain Reaction hitmaker also used Give Me's NEW Flexy Paddle brush to glide through her new soft & shiny mane. 

'Look how shiny that is under there, that's really nice"

"My brush goes through it beautifully!"

Claire has revealed that these products are going to be a must when the new tour What the Future Holds tour. 



"That is definitely, definitely going on tour with me!"

"Thank you Give Me Cosmetics! I'm really pleased with that!" 




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