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Check Out the Hair Mask Everyone is Talking About!

Dry damaged hair is a nightmare and sadly many people suffer from it; from over processed & bleached hair to heat damaged frizzy manes.


Luckily Give Me Cosmetics have answered our prayers with their deep conditioning Hair Mask.


Made from natural ingredients such as Coconut & Argan Oil, the hair mask deep conditions, nourishes and hydrates dry damaged hair for soft shinier locks.  


Since the release of the hair mask, the hype has soared for the must have conditioning treatment. Raving reviews have flooded in and the results are unREAL.



Maxine Shepherd – ‘This hair mask is absolutely amazing and will deffo make your hair so beautiful that people will comment on it. I won’t ever stop buying it as my hair has never ever liked and felt so amazing and glossy. The art of it is after washing really towel dry your hair and then put the mask on root to top and leave as long as possible. It works after 20 mins but if you have a hour then leave it on an hour, I.E paint your nails etc , then rinse your hair and blow dry it and omg it feels amazing but then I straighten it and OMG it’s like glass . Wow it’s shines. I now buy 2 or 3 at a time as I just don’t want to run out of it. The best product I’ve ever used, and I would definitely recommend to everyone’



Charlene Cowie – ‘This stuff is amazing! Used mine for the first time last night and I am more than impressed by the result. My hair feels so soft and has a gorgeous shine 😍👱‍♀️ Great price and very fast delivery 💨⚡ I would go as far to say it's the best conditioner I have EVER used #givemecosmetics #giveme #conditioner #supersofthair #shine #notangles #loveit #hadtosharethis #youhavetotryit #buyitnow #thankmelater 😘



Angie Clayton ‘I have used it twice and was very sceptical but it works!!!! It really does!!!! Well done GIVE ME 👍


The hair mask is even getting on celeb radars now with the likes of Antonella, Catherine Tyldesley & Nikki Sanderson all jumping on the Give Me bandwagon!




Lynda McternanWOW this is absolutely amazing ! I’ve just used it for the first time and the results are outstanding ! I’ll definitely be ordering more !’



Lou Beckwith – ‘ This stuff is a miracle! My hair was severely damaged from bleach. I left the hair mask on overnight and the results were unbelievable! I had so many comments on how shiny my hair was the next day. I now use it overnight every 2 weeks x’


Lisa Marie I've used this for a few months and my hair is in fantastic condition. Wouldn't be without it .... on holiday it was a god send... my hair was so dry from the sea and sun . Popped it on for 20 minute. Shining and smooth once blow drying. 5 from me . I've recommended it too all of my friends xx thank you Give me cosmetics ❤❤❤👍❤❤❤


Quick! get your hands on the must have Hair Conditioning treatment of the year before they sell out!


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Hiya, I would love to try the Give me hair mask the reviews for it are great. Could you please give me a list of all the ingredients


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