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Celeb New Mums Swear by This Easy Hair Treatment

Being a new mum can be a full-time job and having time to yourself is usually non-existent. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you’re working and having a spare five mins here and there will become precious to you. So, self-care tends to go out of the window, and you spend most of your time make-up free and your hair scraped back.


Well fresh Celeb mums, Gemma Atkinson and Helen Flanagan are among the many to reveal their secret to looking great with only a few minutes to spare in their busy routines as a new parent.


‘Especially with being a mum and doing the school run and working out and it’s just so nice when the kids have gone to bed and I get a spare 15 minutes.’ – Helen Flanagan



‘Most of you know I practically live in a top knot. I’m always in the gym, or I’m with Mia or I’m working so I’m busy.’ - Gemma Atkinson



The soap stars and busy gym goers face struggles like many new mothers such as dry and damaged skin, hair & nails that can be caused during pregnancies.


Well luckily, they have shared their secret to restoring the health and overall condition to their hair – and it only takes 15 Minutes!


The Give Me Cosmetics Hair Mask, infused with rich Coconut & Argan Oils, it works to repair dry and damaged hair caused by over processing, heat damage & lack of nutrition.


‘So, I use the product once or twice a week from home, I get about 6/7 uses out of one tube. I highly recommend it, it’s really simple, hair smells great and it feels in tip top condition!’ – Gemma Atkinson


‘My hair feels so healthy and so shiny. It’s amazing! I feel like I’ve just been to the salon and it only took 15 minutes!’ – Helen Flanagan


Here is a quick step by step to using the Hair Mask and you wouldn’t believe how quick and easy it is!


  1.  Shampoo & condition your hair as normal & towel dry hair.
    The hair mask can be used on all types of hair including short, straight, curly & afro hair. It can also be used on coloured hair, but we advise to wait a week after colouring to use the mask. 

  1. Apply the hair mask to damp hair.
    The amount used will depend on hair thickness and length. For best results use our detangling comb to make sure the mask is distributed evenly. Some customers apply to dry hair, but this is their personal preference.


     3Leave the Hair Mask on for 10-15 minutes.

Some customers like to leave the mask on for longer or overnight, this again is their own personal preference. For best results follow our instructions.


4.Rinse off with water
We know that some customers leave the mask in, this is again down to personal preference. For best results wash out. 


  1. Style exactly how you usually would.
    Please remember that this is a hair mask treatment to improve hair quality, it will not change your hair type. So, if you have naturally wavy hair & want it straight you will need to style it straight. 


  1. Enjoy your fabulous hair
    Enjoy your hair! Not only does hair make you look great it also makes you feel great! Don't forget to share your before and afters with us & tag your looks using #givemecosmetics 💞
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