Boys Stealing their Girlfriends Beauty Products is a Thing!

A new study conducted by Olay has discovered that 7/10 men admit to stealing their girlfriend’s skincare products.


It seems that despite calling their other half’s for over obsessing about their beauty regime. Men are also complexion bugbears too!


The research shows that mean rate dry/sagging skin, wrinkles, thinning or grey hair and being overweight as their largest beauty concerns.


The study has revealed that a third of men simply put it down to picking up the wrong jar in the bathroom cupboard, however a fifth of boyfriends have confessed to believing that women’s skincare is more effective than male targeted products.


The study was carried out ahead of Olay’s Nightly promo every weekday during the Love Island Ad Breaks. The advert displays the brand’s first ever man using the female-based Olay skincare cream.



This new revelation in skincare has paved the way for gender – neutral beauty brands after certain brands have come under fire for charging for male orientated products.


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Melissa Bowker

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