Bet you’ve experienced at lease one of these Haircare Horror Stories! - Give Me Cosmetics

Bet you’ve experienced at lease one of these Haircare Horror Stories!

Haircare horror stories, we’ve all had them, we’ve all heard them! Whether you have bleached and dyed your hair or caused some major heat damage. We’re here to avoid future disasters and help you fix current issues!



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As someone who used to be a fan of home bleach kits, I know from first hand experience how easy it is to do some serious damage to your hair! Let’s be real, we're not hairdressers and we don’t know what we’re doing! This can cause hair damage and leave you not looking your best! 

When you have had bleach damage we would recommend to 

  1. Go to the hairdresser and get the bad job done right! (they may be able to save it without chopping it off!) 
  2. Reignite your hair with our one of our Nourishing Full Haircare Sets! Bleach is drying at the best of times and when done at home can be a lot worse too, resulting in your hair potentially snapping off at the ends which is a heartbreaking moment! Add some hydration and deep conditioning with our thick salon-quality formula enriched with intensely nourishing oils for added strength and moisture.



Home hair cuts! ( And we’re not talking about the bowl cut!) We’ve all seen the failures online and the mortifying moment those bangs go wrong! Remember that hairdressers have developed years of training and we think that after watching a few videos and grabbing the scissors we are well equipped to perform some swoopy bangs and layering…. NO it’s going to look like an 80’s mullet! (if you’re lucky!)

If you have cut your hair at home we are sending all our prayers and manifestations! And if it goes wrong, here’s some tips we also would recommend:

  1. To go to the hairdresser and get the bad job done right!
  2. Use our Scalp scrub and brush, this can help stimulate the hair follicles to promote growth! Massaging your scalp help your hair to get a wriggle on and grow!
  3. Regular use of our Nourishing Hair Oil! Even though you may not have curly hair, Four Curls Nourishing Hair Oil is enriched with over 11 essential oils including theTiktok Viral Rosemary Oil which is well known for hair growth and has incredible strengthening properties!



Heat damage! Got frizzy dry hair that just wont tame? This could possible be caused by extensive heat damage, but this is so preventable! If you are not using a Heat Defence but you’re using styling tools such as hair dryer, straighteners, curling tongs and more, it’s killing your hair! If you have heat damage you need all the hydration! (Imaging your hair like watering the plants, they need hydration and nurturing and too much heat can cause them to wither, snap and die) 

To help reverse the signs of heat damage, our advise would be:

  1. Try to stop using heat! (Going cold turkey can really help give your hair a fighting chance of revival! Swap to a microfibre hair wrap for quick drying and Heatless curlers for styling) 
  2. If you need to style your hair with heat tools, ALWAYS use a heat defence spray,
  3. Pair your hair dryer with our Vent Brush which contains heat protective vents for a less harmful blow-dry.
  4. Use Hydrating Hair care! Reignite your hair with our nourishing Full Haircare Sets!
  5. Our Hair Repair Cream is going to be your best friend! ( it bonds split ends together for prolonged strength and hydration) 


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If you are not using a heat defence…. START. We would 100% recommend this! It protects your hair up to 230° and contains a UV filter like SPF for your hair to prevent drying and colour damage in the sun too. (also helps with scalp sunburn!) 

As Give Me’s Heat Defence Sprays smell incredible with essence of dreamy Coconut Oil & Argan Oil or exotic Mango & Passionfruit; This is also a safer option for those who like to put perfume in their hair to ‘smell nice” but in reality it just adds a coating of alcohol to your hair and dries it out more!




Make smarter hair choices… Choose Give Me!

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