8 ways to keep your skin nice and healthy.

8 ways to keep your skin nice and healthy.

We know the feeling during summer months and these major weather changes the UK experience day in day out, can be quite harsh on our skin and face. Give Me Cosmetics have 8 simple techniques that can help prevent damage and help your face throughout the rest of the summer, get ready for the autumn and have lovely looking skin all year round.

Here are our 8 simple ways we like to keep our skin nice and healthy.

  1. Always take your makeup off.

Sleeping in your makeup is one of life’s biggest DONT's. We must let our skin breath at every opportunity, as much as makeup helps us glow, it also can clog the pores and skin and cause spots and blemishes. No matter when you wear makeup, always make sure you wash it off properly.

  1. Wash face after working out.

During a workout we sweat, a lot. Therefore, we must make sure after every work out we wash our face and skin to keep refreshed and ensure no sweat gets into our pores.

  1. Wash bedding and pillow cases regularly.

We sleep in our beds every single night therefore our pillows will collect dirt, oil, dead skin, drool, sweat, you name it, your pillow has probably collected it. We recommended changing your bedding weekly, especially your pillow cases.

  1. Clean your phone screen

You would be surprised how dirty your phone screen can get. When you speak on the phone, you are putting it in direct contact to your face. We should be cleaning our phone the same way we clean our face, daily and thoroughly.

  1. Watch what you eat and drink.

What we put into our bodies can be shown as a reflection on the outside of our bodies. Therefore, if we are eating fast food and fizzy drinks, our skin will reflect that. Feed your body with goodness and the goodness will reflect onto our face. Drinking water regularly is a must!

  1. Try not to touch your face.

As hard as it is, try not to touch your face. Touching your face can spread spots, blackheads, acne, add dirt into areas that was clean. Our fingers are always touching things, such as money, keyboards, door handles, phones which are loaded with bacteria. Touching our face after these things will just spread the bacteria, which we do not want.

  1. Extract blackheads.

Blackheads are pores that have been partially blocked by oil, dead skin cells and bacteria, we like to use the blackhead extraction tool from Misfit Cosmetics to get rid of all our nasty blackheads. Extracting them after a nice hot bath or shower too will help them come out easier and faster.

  1. Get yourself some good skincare products.

The secret to good skin, is good skin care products. And Give Me Cosmetics have a full range for you. Our Bubble Mask is a deep cleansing, detoxifying, exfoliating carbonated bubble clay mask made from natural mud that contributes to pore and oil control. Our Ultimate Hydrating Sheet Mask contains vitamin E blends along with collagen properties and HA for lasting hydration, skin strength and elasticity. Made from natural plant extracts to maintain a great complexion ensuring firming and rejuvenation. Who doesn’t want that? Both products leave you feeling super soft and refreshed.

Are you suffering with your skin? Give these simple steps a try and let us know how you get on. 



Daniel Fletcher

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