8 Steps on How to Steam Your Hair from the Comfort of your Own Home

Struggling to repair dry, damaged hair?


Steaming your hair helps to restore moisture back into the hair cuticles and reach deep into the follicles; as the pores in your scalp open, the roots will raise, resulting in shinier, bouncier locks.

The issue with undergoing profession steaming is that it can become quite a strain on your purse in order to keep your hair in the fresh salon condition.


But do not fear! Here is a neat step -by-step hack to get the same luscious effect you would receive in the hairdressers!



Step: 1 

Use approx. 2 tablespoons of Give Me Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Mask. Starting with the roots, work through the lengths and ends, feeding it through your hands and ensuring there is full coverage.


If your hair is of poor condition or it is long and thick, don’t be afraid to use a little more.





Step: 2 

If the length of your hair allows it, tie it up into a bun and place a shower cap over your hair; tuck in any stray strands.







Step: 3 

Get a microfibre facecloth and place under a running tap and thoroughly wring out. Continue to squeeze any excess water from the cloth – this is very important as you do not want any hot water to scold you neck. You can also use a microfibre hair turban just as well if you have one.







Step: 4 

Place the face cloth in the microwave for around 2 minutes – don’t worry if you see team coming off the face cloth in the microwave, this is normal, it is merely the water off the cloth heating up and causing condensation.







Step: 5

To avoid burning your hands, use a pair of oven gloves and place the face cloth on top of the shower cap and position the cloth in the centre of your head for a more secure balance.







Step: 6 

Place a second shower cap over the face cloth positioned on your head to lock in any moisture.








Step: 7

Leave your hair to steam for approx. 30 minutes. Relax, read a book or watch TV but try and sit as still as you can to avoid any risk of the cloth slipping.







Step: 8

After the allotted time, remove the shower caps and cloth rinse your hair in cool water. The lower the temperature the more it will help to seal in the moisture into the hair follicles.




Leave to dry naturally to minimise any heat damage to your hair. Repeat this process max. once a week to maintain your healthy hair condition. Do not use for every wash as the mask is a deep conditioning treatment with a higher concentration than a regular condition.  



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Melissa Bowker

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