7 Wackiest Beauty Hacks



Are you forever wanting to boost your everyday beauty regime but always strapped for cash?


Did you know there are so many everyday objects lying about your house that could work the same magic!


Why not try these weird and wacky tips to enhance your looks without enhancing your budget.


BE WARNED: Read on with an open mind! (And stomach!)


  1. For Stronger Nails– Ground garlic down and mix it into a bottle of clear nail varnish.Then use it as your base and top coat.

Why on earth should I do that? – Garlic contains high levels of Selenium which is a      component that nails lack in when they become weak and brittle.


  1. Make your Fake Lashes go Further– Apply Mascara to your fake eyelashes as normal. Once applied, take a Q-tip and dip it into baby powder. Thinly coat your lashes with the powder. Add another layer of mascara and there you have instant length and volume.


  1. Boost your Brunette– Mix ground coffee beans into your conditioner. Leave in like you would your hair mask.

       Top Hack – The longer you leave it in your hair the richer the colour.


  1. For Naturally Whiter Teeth– Rub the inside of a banana peel onto your teeth and let the collected paste form for 10 minutes.

Apparently, the components in a banana such as potassium and magnesium can be absorbed in the teeth and whiten them in a matter of weeks!


  1. Yearning for Volume?– Use beer as a hair mask. Yes, you heard correct!

The yeast helps plump up limp hair strands and strengthens hair follicles. Mix it with hair oil and leave in for 15 Minutes once a week.


  1. Open Up Your Pores– You may have already heard of the health benefit surrounding Green Tea, but it doesn’t have to stop in your tea cup!Hold your head about 6 inches over a hot bowl of Green Tea and place a towel over your head. Steaming your face will with hot water will open up your pores while the antioxidants in the tea get to work at cleansing your pores.


For ultimate use of recourses, Let the tea bags go cold and place then onto your eye bags to help reduce the appearance of tired puffy eyes. Like a mini spa facial.


  1. For a Quick Fix Lip Stain– Add powder blush to you lip balm or foundation primer and apply to lips for a quick rosy tint.


If all of this sounds a little extreme for your liking – Why not try Give Me’s collection of natural based beauty products for hair and skincare to enhance your beauty regime without enhancing your budget!



Melissa Bowker

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