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7 Top Beauty Tips You NEED to know


After watching make-up tutorials everyone thinks they are a make – up pro. The only problem is, what might look good in professional lighting and a good filter might look a little out of place in the real world.


Here are some beauty tips that will help you rock your best YouTube look with some realistic outcomes:


  1. Concealer - Less is more.



There is certainly a new found love for concealer. What was once a hack to cover pimples is now a sensation fro covering dark circles, fine lines and blemishes. But there is a fine line appearing younger and it becoming blatantly obvious that you have concealer on. Just remember, less is more.



  1. Puppy liner – Define your eyes.


 If you’re not a heavy eye make-up wearer then it becomes extremely difficult to accentuate your eyes. Apply a SMALL layer of eye liner across the tip of the eyelid where the eyelashes meet. This will open up your eyes and highlight the eyelids, creating a more rounded & defined look without wearing too much.



  1. Set your Lipstick with a powder through a tissue.


If you struggle to get the full lipped matte look, try dabbing powder/blusher (dependant on the shade of your lippy) through a tissue to take away excess moisture and increase the block shade.


  1. Use multiple face masks at once


Why wait for different occasions? Why not use your Pore Strips with your Bubble Mask and your Pink Eye Patches. If you’re a busy person then it just makes sense. Define different parts of your face and let your skin glow.


  1. Apply blusher according to your face shape


Applying blusher in a circular motion on the tips of your cheeks only works when playing dress up with your 5-year-old. It all comes down to the shape of your face. Run the blushers lightly down the cheek down, highlighting the bone and lighting contouring your face without the faff.



  1. Remove Mascara smudges with a make up brush.


Do not, I repeat DO NOT remove smudged mascara with your finger or better yet, a face wipe. You are only going to smudge the mascara further or just completely remove your masterpiece all together. Nobody has time for that!

Use your smallest make up brush and dip it into micellar water and lighter apply to the smudge. Less mess and no need to redo your eye.



  1. Plump up your lips – Minus the Collagen


Have your lips plumped cosmetically is not ideal for everyone but luckily there is a cheat to avoid the painful surgical procedure.

After applying your lipstick, simply add a light amount of highlighter to your cupids bow and lower lip along with a small amount of lip liner and straight away your lips will appear fuller.


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