6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair This Winter

6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair This Winter


As the long nights draw in and the temperature drops, your hair can become prone to turning brittle, dry and after the thrashing you probably gave it in the summer, your hair will be in dire need of replenishment and nutrients.


From excessive use of heat applicators, colouring and summer sun damage, the winter is the best time to rehabilitate and detox your hair to regain growth and health.


Here are some top hacks to help rejuvenate your mane this winter:


  1. Avoid Placing your Hair in a Pony – Whilst many of us are quite partial to a ponytail every now and again, especially in between washes. Combined with cool, frosty air, your hair can become dry and full of split ends – this can follow with the fun of frizzy hair & scalp stress. Try to avoid scraping your hair back and instead softly pin your hair up, or even try half up, half down.


  1. Skip Out on the Dry Scalp – When your hair loses moisture, it can become brittle, so does your skin. Your scalp can become dry and itchy, leading to an increase in dandruff. Maintain your scalps moisture with an anti-dandruff shampoo.


  1. Detox your Hair by Increasing the Gap Between Washes – Chances are, you’ve probably washed your hair an awful lot in the summer, from chlorine sea salt exposure from the pool and sea on holiday to sweating in the heat. To repair the dryness caused by these elements, to re-introduce your hair’s natural moisture by extending your ‘in-between’ washes. If you can get away with it, trial washing your hair once a week to regain your hairs natural oils.


  1. Postpone Heat Styling – I know this one may be tricky, but if you hold back on the blow drying and give your hair a rest from straightening/curling with a hot iron. Your hair will get a chance to repair breakage and split ends. Let your hair dry naturally and apply a serum for the frizz. It’s winter! If you’re ashamed of your natural hair, you can always wear a hat!


  1. Regularly Get a Trim - I know many people can’t understand that getting your hair trimmed often will increase growth, but it really does! Your hair will not grow healthy you have dried split ends. Getting your hair trimmed every 8 weeks will promote healthy thicker hair.


  1. Use a Moisturising Mask - To help repair dry & dull looking hair, try using a conditioning mask. Maintain your manes health by sealing in moisture & nutrition plus in the process you can lock in hydration and fight frizz whilst showcasing shiny, silkier hair.



Why not try Give Me’s Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Mask for bouncy & glossy locks to fight against the cold winter seasons.

Melissa Bowker

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