5 Hacks to Treat your Skin with the Love it Deserves.

5 Hacks to Treat your Skin with the Love it Deserves.


Sometimes we forget that our skin regularly needs a bit of TLC and when life gets in the way, the love you should show your skin gets pushed aside. Before you know it, you're looking dry, dull and covered in breakouts.

Taking five minutes out of your crazy day to give your skin the attention it deserves, could be the difference you’re looking for.


Here’s a list of ideas you can slot into your everyday routine to help bring your skin back to life.


  1. Preserve the grease!

This may sound gross, but our skin creates its own natural oils and if you shower or bath excessively, in extreme heat, you’re burning away the oils that help your skin to glow! – To regain your skin’s natural moisture with Give Me’s range of sheet face masks to suit all skin types.


  1. Lube up!

When shaving, ALWAYS lubricate your skin! Quick dry shaves can cause irritations which lead to rashes, cuts and sensitivity. Make sure you shave in the direction of the hairs NOT against it.


  1. Avoid Strong Soaps!

Using high perfumed soaps can be harsh on your fragile skin and can cause irritability. Think of your skin as a delicate flower. You wouldn’t put offensive chemicals on the tender petals, so why would you on your skin?

Try and use milder soaps with as many natural ingredients as possible. – Mother Nature knows what she’s doing.


  1. Greasy foods = Greasy skin!

It’s quite self- explanatory, if you regularly eat oily food such as takeaways, high fats and high salts; it will increase your moisture depth. Mix that with your natural skin oils, it will result in your skin becoming shiny and full of breakouts.


  1. Chill Out!

Stress is not good for any part of your anatomy, it will mess with your hunger, mood swings and sleep patterns so of course, it would mess with your skin. Managing your stress can help with acne and other skin problems.

Getting enough sleep at night will help naturally reduce dark circles and dullness. – Give Me’s Pink Eye Patches are the perfect pick me up for those tired and heavy eyes.


To give your skin the ultimate loving, check out Give Me’s range of skincare products to give your skin a first-rate revival.


Melissa Bowker

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