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4 Steps to The Ultimate Skin Detox with Give Me Cosmetics

This time of year can get the better of us, it can become a busy tome at work and even busier time for Christmas shopping. Before. You know it, the day has disappeared, and you haven’t had any time for yourself.


This can cause a lot of stress on your skin, especially with the dark nights dominating most of the day, your skin needs Vitamin D to restore healthiness. In addition, pressure in life can cause your skin to break out, become oily/dry and loose it’s natural glow.


It is vital to look after your skin so here are 4 steps to detox neglected and fatigued skin:


Step One.


Remove all make – up



It may seem simple but if you leave any trace of make-up on for long periods of time, it can clog your pores which will lead to dirt collection and breakouts.

Using a simple make-up wipe does not suffice. A make-up wipe simply smudges your make-up from one place to another which leaves the dirt to build up on your skin and create a wal of bacteria! Gross!


Trying using a sensitive skin facial wash combined with Give Me’s Eco Pad. A re-useable make-up pad with soft, fluffy microfibres that reach deep into the pores for a gentle yet deep clean.



Step Two.


Attack the Blackheads



If you haven’t been wiping your make-up off properly you will find a collection of dirt build up around the pores in your nose. This leads to nasty looking black heads and if left break outs.


Grab yourself a Give Me activated Nose Pore strip and fight back against black heads.


Simply wet your nose, apply the strip black side down and leave on for 10-15 minutes, then the fun part! Peel back the strip slowly to reveal all the bacteria pulled out of your pores. It will amaze you! The Strip clings to the blackheads and pulls them out from the root!


Step Three.


Cleanse the Pores



Now that you have wash your face thoroughly it’s time to give your skin a deep cleanse.

Apply Give Me’s Natural Mud Bubble Mask. A cleansing mud mask that expands into hundreds of little bubbles in your face reaching into every hidden pore in your skin.

Leave on for 8 minutes and transform into a frothy cloud. This is super fun to do with friends.


After the allotted time, massage into the face until the bubbles have disappeared and rinse off with warm water. You wouldn’t believe the results! Feel the softness of fresh and clean skin with no toxins remaining!



Step Four.


Feed Your Skin


Now that you have super fresh skin, there is the matter of Vitamins needed to help repair dull and broken cells. With limited sun to drink in Vitamin D, you will need to look elsewhere.


Give Me’s Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask is the best way to restore any lost goodness in your skin. Enriched with collagen, Vitamin E and Natural Plant Extract. The Sheet mask will help restore elasticity, hydration and your skin’s natural glow. It’s so easy to use too! Simply peel from the film and apply to the face, positioning the mask on the right angles. Just leave it on for 20-30 mins and feed your skin with the goodness it deserves.


There you have it. A quick 4 step hack to restore dull, tired skin to its natural beauty. Remember however busy you are, if you take some time away to self-care, your body will be very grateful.



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