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10 Ways to Penny-Pinch on Your Beautycare with the Rising Cost of Living!


We are all aware of the scary society we live in right now, with the aftereffects of the pandemic and the ongoing war in Europe. World events are dictating our economy and with things like taxes, petrol, energy, and household bills on the rise. It’s even more important to protect the pennies any way you can. We get it.


But its 2022, and we can’t go back to living like we’re from the stone ages. It may seem like a luxury, but our self-care is so important for our physical and mental well-being. Factoring out looking after yourself will only make the trying situation we’re living in harder.


So here at Give Me we have collated together our best money-saving ways of looking after your wallet but also keeping up with your self-care needs.


  1. Skim down on your spa treatments – We all LOVE a spa day! But if you can possibly recreate as much as you can at home. Play some relaxing music, shut the bathroom door, and relax and unwind at a quarter of the price!
    We have products specially selected from head and skin to body to make your DIY spa just as magical.

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  1. Cut down on your trips to the Hairdressers by keeping on top of your hair condition at home - Treat things like spit ends & hair damage with our wide range of haircare that costs half the price of a salon conditioning treatment. (Hair Salons use our products too! You won’t tell the difference!)


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  1. Invest in skip-care – By cutting down on your product use, you can make your products last longer. Try adding more days in between washing your hair. This will help spare your favourite products, help restore natural oils to your hair and reduce water wastage! (Big one!) You can also try to use less product that you usually would do try and stretch for longer use.

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  2. Don’t waste products – It’s so exciting to receive new products but make sure you have used what you already have. Every bit – don’t be afraid to scrape! (Plus, it will help declutter your drawers)

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  3. Try washing your hair in cold water – I know! Hear me out before you think I’m crazy. but with rising energy bills, it’s not as crazy as it sounds! Plus, the benefits of washing you’re your hair in cold water include, reduced damage, helps to lock in moisture with your products and protects coloured hair from fading! (Which also means less trips to the hairdressers!) Not sounding so crazy after all!


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  1. Find multi-use products – nowadays there is a product for everything, but if you can manage to find something that doubles up in multiple ways, it’s a winner!
    For example, our cleansing balm is a gentle cleanser that doubles up as a makeup remover that hydrates and removes impurities. Alternatively, our Makeup- Remover also doubles up as a hydrating anti-ageing cleanser! Pair up with our machine washable Eco pad with either of these products for use after use, with having to buy single use makeup wipes. Cost effective on your purse and beneficial for the environment!
    In addition, our Day cream also acts as a great night cream as it is lightweight and quickly absorbs. Keeping you hydrated through the night, without the greasy residue on your face (or pillow!)


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  1. Cut down on the number of products you use – With so many products out there, it can be so easy to be pulled into brands that have a different product with different ingredients for different uses. By simplifying your skincare routine for example, you can cut down to key products with all round benefits. Our 5-step skincare routine is simple, quick and most of all cost effective! With all round beneficial ingredients such as Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide & Vitamin E&A. In the set you get your cleansing, toning, serum, Moisturiser & eye cream! Tackling all areas, without the steep price tag!



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  1. Don’t pay over the odds for beauty products – Some products can pull you in with the fancy packaging & pretty pictures. But don’t pay silly money for average products. If you can find a cheaper alternative, go for it.
    There are many brands out there that charge extremely high prices for haircare, for example. Our Haircare offers the same premium 5* results, without the premium pricing. (Plus, celebs LOVE our haircare!)


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  1. Bargain Hunt – Don’t jump at the first product/ offer you see – Shop around and look for the best price and if you do want a specific product; make sure it is at the best value. Look for Free Shipping or discount codes.



  1. Stock up – Instead of buying in dribs and drabs on single products every week, look at the most cost-effective way of buying your favourite products. Is it cheaper to buy in a bundle or a set? 
    There are currently huge savings on our gift sets, with up 60% off! You could buy our Full Haircare Set worth £70 for only £35! That’s an incredible £4.14 each for 7 full-sized hair products! Or our incredible Skincare Set is worth a MASSIVE £110 both now available in our May 25% discount! Use code MAYDAY25 to activate your discount. 

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Pinch the pennies but not your self-care routine! Let’s all stay beautiful inside and out during these difficult times!

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