10 Reason’s Why You Should Wash Your Hair Less During Lockdown

10 Reason’s Why You Should Wash Your Hair Less During Lockdown


Washing your hair, every girl hates it, but nothing can beat the feeling of freshly washed hair.

Sometimes, washing your hair is the first thing you want to do as soon as you’ve woken up, worked out at the gym or even endured a long hot day. The feeling of sweaty, greasy hair is never a nice sensation, but it turns out, if your put up with a little grease, your hair will benefit tremendously.




Although you may feel clean, washing your hair everyday may be causing more damage than you know.


Here are 10 Issues You Will Face by Washing Your Hair Too Much


  1. Your Hair Will be Stripped of its Natural Oils


That’s correct, the grease is good. Natural oil helps to repair strength in damaged hair. By over washing your hair, it will become brittle and promote breakage.


  1. It Fades Coloured Hair Quicker


This one is for all rainbow heads and vibrant coloured hair. Most tones eventually wash out and becomes brassy, it’s inevitable. Luckily by taking more breaks between washing your hair, you can make your vibrant hair last longer.


  1. You Lose Any Natural Shine


By washing your hair every day, your hair will dry out easily which means these natural oils will struggle to emanate shine. Resulting in dry, duller hair.


  1. It will Increase Split ends


Yet again, due to the lack of natural oils in your hair, brittle hair follicles can break easily, leading to more split ends and more trips to the hairdressers = More expenditure.


  1. Less Washing – Less Blow Drying


It rather self-explanatory, but by washing your hair less, results in a reduced use of a hairdryer which kills healthy hair strands with excessive heat damage. Which leads to spending more on heat protection products = More Expenditure.


    6.  Oily Hair Can be Easier to Style


Dried out, just washed hair is sometimes too soft to style so when you apply a curling iron to it, you are not going to receive results you would with dirty hair. Greasy hair is much easier to manipulate and will hold for much longer.


  1. It Dries Out the Scalp


Excessive heat mixed with water can be very damaging to your scalp due to lack of natural moisture. This can lead to a build up of dandruff.


  1. Your Hair Will Actually Become Less Greasy


Whilst you feel like you need to wash your hair every day, because it will go greasy straight away. If you train your hair to take breaks in-between washes. The build-up of grease will reduce in time. Meaning, you will have soft non-greasy, shiny hair for days rather than 24hrs.


To help with the process of in-between washes, try applying dry shampoo to your roots to tackle any greasy appearance. In addition, use a shower cap during showers to avoid hair getting wet. - During Lockdown is the best opportunity!


Finally, why not try Give Me’s Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Mask as a finishing touch when you do eventually wash your hair to create, luscious, soft and shiny locks that will last days.


Melissa Bowker

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