10 Hacks for a Better Night's Sleep


Tired of being tired? How frustrating is it when you attempt to get your 7-8 hours sleep a day in and then you lie in bed with a dancing, overthinking mind? Maybe you're restless and can’t settle?


Heres some top hacks to rid of those unwanted anxieties and discomforts before bed:
  1. Avoid afternoon naps - Snoozes after 3pm will leave you feeling groggy and agitated for the rest of the day. 
  1. No Caffeine before bed - Caffeine is designed to give you spurts of energy and keep you awake.
  1. Read a chapter of a book- PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY! Reading will help ease your mind’s chaos and relieve stress.
  1. Go to bed at the same time and wake at the same time - By creating this routine, it will naturally set a body clock. 
  1. Get regular exercise - Light exercise daily will help tire your body out. If you are sat by a TV or screen all day then your body won’t use up enough energy to make you tired. 
  1. Drink camomile tea - As it is purely herbal and doesn’t contain caffeine, it will naturally relax your body and mind. 
  1. Listen to soft music - This will drift you away from reality and therefore relax that inner tension. 
  1. Eat light before bed - If you overindulge you could bloat and cause discomfort when lying down.
  1. Keep a sleep diary - A diary could reveal underlying conditions that may explain your anxiety and stress.
  1. Make sure your bedroom is at optimum darkness and temperature - Turn off any standby lights and keep the room at approx 18 - 20°C so that you’re not hot or too cold. 
For the ultimate relaxation routine, stick on your relaxing music, pour yourself a hot cup of camomile tea, sit in bed with one of Give Me’s Chill out Masks and collect yourself in the tranquility. 

Finish the evening off with our U Okay Hun? Eye Mask and block out the world until tomorrow as you drift off into a deep sleep. 

Melissa Bowker

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