The Maskne Pack


Whilst it has been clinically well-advised that wearing a mask across your mouth can help protect yourself and others from COVID-19 whilst in a public place. The material on the masks worn by the public are not designed to be worn for long periods of time, they can prove to be quite harmful on the skin causing irritations and breakouts. Resulting in Maskne.

Luckily Here at Give we have thought ahead and created a survival pack to help with your Mask wearing ordeals! 

The Maskne Pack contains products that will help tackle the unavoidable irritations excessive mask-wearing can have on the skin, by upping the cleansing skincare routine.

Each Maskne Pack Contains: 

  • 1 Makeup Remover 
  • 1 Black Eco Pad
  • 1 Bubble Mask 
  • 1 Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask 

(Comes wrapped in a polythene bag with a ribbon)

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