Tangle Tamer Bundle


Say goodbye to tears & tantrums at hair brushing time!

The Tangle Tamer Bundle softens & nourishes tatty hair for a more manageable brushing experience. 

The deep conditioning Hair Mask helps to add moisture to dry hair to unlock knots and tangles, pair up with our Hair Repair Cream with nourishing vitamins & Oils for softer and tangle-free ends. 

The Hair Repair Cream repairs & restores dry, damaged ends. Rich in Castor Oil, Argan Oil and vitamins B3 and B5. The creamy formula moisturises and bonds together split ends that can be caused as a result of over-styling & heat exposure. Can be used on both dry & wet hair.

Finish off with everyone's favourite Detangling Hair Brush is designed with two-tier technology to allow use on wet or dry hair. Whilst it prevents breakage and damage, the brush also removes knots & tangles easily.  – the long teeth detangle and the short teeth smooth the hair cuticle for healthier-looking, glossier hair. Designed for use on all hair types, the flex allows a smooth pain-free brush.

Each Tangle Tamer Bundle Contains:

  • 1 Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Hair Mask 
  • 1 Hair Repair Cream 
  • 1 Flexy Paddle Brush 

*As this brush is plastic, we advise not to use directly next to exposed heat*

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