Eco Pad Bundle


The re-usable make-up remover pad that's gentle on your skin & the environment! 

The ECO Pad quickly removes make-up with ease through its soft-to-touch microfibres that can hold up to 7x its weight in water. Say goodbye to make-up wipes that contribute to landfill waste with Give Me's washable ECO Pads. With up to 200 washes in one pad, do your part to save the environment. 

2 Pack Bundle = 1 Pink Pad + 1 Black Pad

  • Removes make-up
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Rubbing
  • Perfect for Sensitive Skin
  • Environmentally Friendly

The average person uses 730 make-up wipes a year = 1 Eco Pad a Year!

Machine wash at 30 ° every 7 days - rinse with anti-bacterial soap in between washes.

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