Zac Efron Terrifies Audience with Chilling Charms and Wicked Good Looks!

Zac Efron Terrifies Audience with Chilling Charms and Wicked Good Looks!

From singing high school heart throb to sadistic serial killer, Zac Efron has certainly shown his acting talents in his various roles over the years but his recent film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile has certainly shown a terrifying side to the Hollywood Hottie.


Playing the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy, who was responsible for the murders of over 30 women (and maybe more) across the US, Efron portrayed the charming and caring nature of the psychopath which sent chills down our spines.

Bundy’s slick and charming appeal of a ken doll had every woman’s attention in the late 1970’s. As he decided to take his defence action into his own hands, he thought he had the jury fooled. ‘The very beautiful can get away with murder or as least in this case, they believe they can’. A quote from the film’s director, Joe Berlinger.


Zac Efron depicted that beautiful crooked smile perfectly, so much so that throughout the majority of the film, we start to believe that Mr Bundy may actually be innocent!


Many critisicsms have circled around the movie’s choice of casting for Theodore Bundy, stating that choosing Zac Efron to play the major role may be ‘glamourising’ the portrayal of the notorious murderer. But as we quickly learn in not only the film but also the Netflix Documentary ‘The Ted Bundy Tapes’ that this is EXACTLY what Ted was like.


The ultimate lady’s man, who’s enchanting personality and dreamy smile had everybody fooled into protesting his innocence during the trial of 1979.


The resemble of both actor and killer is uncanny within this movie which makes the role so much more believable and chilling.


The new film can be viewed in local cinemas is now also available on Sky Cinema.



Daniel Fletcher

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