You Season 2 Will Be Arriving Just in Time for the Festive Mood

You Season 2 Will Be Arriving Just in Time for the Festive Mood


If you haven't watched season one do not read on!

(Also if you haven't, where have you been?!) 



Just when you thought you had managed to get over the tragic tale of Guinevere Beck. Netflix has announced that they will be bringing back everyone’s most loved stalker ready for a new season of intense obsessions.


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Ready for a fresh start. December 26.

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The psychological thriller, YOU took us on a journey of what appeared to be a sweet boy meets girl scenario, but it soon becomes apparent that the bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg, is a little more involved in the relationship than female lead, Beck, realises.


What’s more, despite, Joe being a deranged, murdering psychopath, we can’t get enough of him!



The Netflix original went viral last Christmas on social media, with fans expressing their attraction to the character of Joe Goldberg. How twisted is that? It got to the point that actor Penn Badgley, who plays Joe, had to shut down his fans, reminding them that he is a murderer and that shouldn’t be something to be attracted to!



It seems that this generation are obsessing over the serial killers, with Netflix streaming a huge range of terrifying documentaries, we seem to be drawn to these deranged murderers! – Slightly worrying!


But with our current obsession on Joe, he will be dropping on our screens on Dec 26th, just in time to eat your Boxing Day buffet.


The second series will carry on from the first, with returning characters such as Candice ( hopefully we will finally know the secret behind her disappearance)  and of course Joe, but naturally we will be meet a range of new faces (seeing as many were killed off in the first!).



We will be discovering characters such as Love Quinn (Haunting on Hill House’s, Victoria Pedretti) and Will, (Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor) plus much more meat for the slaughter, most probably.


There hasn’t been much released in terms of storyline but when Joe’s concerned you just know there is going to be a whole of stalking, obsessions and ‘Protection’ going on!

Melissa Bowker

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