You Can Now Stay at a Barbie Themed Hotel Suite at the Hilton

You Can Now Stay at a Barbie Themed Hotel Suite at the Hilton

Are you a Barbie girl wanting to live in a Barbie world?


Well, you can now stay at the Hilton Hotel located in Mexico City, Santa Fe. You can live every little girls dream with ‘The Ultimate Barbie Glamping Experience.’ 


The Hilton group promises guests they can ‘experience life like Barbie from check in to check out.’ 

Guest will be greeted with a supersized version of Barbie’s iconic pink shoe at the entrance followed by a pink carpet welcome and matching velvet ropes.



Filling the hotel is matching decor of Barbie memorabilia and ever a special pink door and mat as guests enter the Barbie suite. 


The show stopping pink paradise really is the stuff of dreams. 



There are two adjoining room for adults and children alike. In the adults room, guests will discover a collection of rare dolls ranging over the past six decades. 


In the kids room, children will struggle to sleep with excitement as they will be staying in a life-sized ‘DreamCamper Van’ that doubles as a place to sleep and play!



For the ultimate Barbie Girl experience, you can visit the on-site Madera restaurant, offering a pink themed menu, including Gnocchi in a pink sauce and heart shaped pizza & puddings!


Sunbathe in true Barbie style with pink themed sun lounges and matching drapes. 


Situated in the heart of Mexico City, you and you family can enjoy the ultimate Barbie experience for just £149 per night on weekdays and £179 through the weekend. 


Come on Barbie let’s go party!

Melissa Bowker

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