You Can Now Have a Colouring in Wallpaper – You’ll Never Want to Leave the House Again

You Can Now Have a Colouring in Wallpaper – You’ll Never Want to Leave the House Again


 Who doesn’t love a bit of colouring in, after recent studies, colouring books have proven to be just as beneficial to adults for brain functionalities as children.


Research has even displayed that adult colouring books have shown therapeutic qualities to help reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing the mind and helping to focus on something other than your worries.


Well now the adult colouring craze has been taken to the next level, you can now buy adult colouring wallpaper!


The ‘Colour Me’ wallpaper by Graham & Brown is available on Amazon and can cost as little as £25 depending on the design you choose.



The brand has stated that the super fun wallpaper was intended for kids to give them a reason to draw on the walls, but many adults have taken to the colouring in wall so much more.


Jade Louie, from Manchester posted her colouring wall to Facebook page, ‘Mrs Hinch made me do it.’


Jade said, ‘A friend of mine suffers with mental health and she came round and we spent ages colouring it together.’


‘She said it really helped her relax and find a peaceful place in her mind. I find it calming and peaceful! And it looks bloody pretty!’


It is certainly an activity that can be shared amongst many, making the notion much more sociable. However, it may set you back a little when you work out how many felt tips you are going to need to fill in an entire wall!

Melissa Bowker


Melissa Bowker

Please I want want WANT IT. 56 years old love colouring and this would be ace.

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