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You Can Now Buy a Shower Shield to Protect your Make-Up & People Don’t Know How to React!


Ever mourned over your show stopping make-up and wish you had longer with your face before you go to shower it away?


Well the struggle is over as a new face shield has been released to protect your face from water!


Wash your hair with the comfort knowing that your make-up and lashes are still on point with a new plastic face shield.


Now, there have been many mixed reviews over this beauty gadget and whether it is really worth the £11.95 its trading at.


Social media fans on Pretty52 have been voicing their opinions on this quirky contraption.


‘Why would you do your make-up before showering?’


‘If you’re not washing your face in the shower, there’s a problem.’


‘Perfect for welding too!’


‘It can double up as a face shield when you jet washing the patio’



But some good points have been raised over the strange looking mask and once thinking about it, it may actually be a rather handy invention.


‘I love it… I shower in the morning and do my make-up afterwards, but I would shower again at night if I was going out and retouch the make-up only. Perfect.’


‘Just purely for keeping water out of my eyes and face in the shower, I can’t stand it… and I’ve had eye surgeries so this would be great.’


‘I can get this for my lashes!’


‘This would be perfect for clients after the 1st/ 2nd weeks of getting new brows.’


‘Good idea to protect kid’s eyes while you wash their hair.’



Let us know your thoughts on this beauty hack. Yay or Nay?






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