Women are Turning Eco-Friendly by Using Machine Washable Sanitary Towels

Women are Turning Eco-Friendly by Using Machine Washable Sanitary Towels


As the planet goes into disrepair over the effects of global warming and ocean pollution, the worlds population have begun looking closer to home to their non-recyclable everyday waste contribution.


Over recent years, studies have shown that sanitary products & babies’ nappies are one of the biggest contributors to ocean pollution due to them being manufactured with non-recyclable plastics.



But sadly, having access to sanitary products is a human right for women and we can’t exactly go cold turkey on sanitary products to save the planet.


In a bid to rid the world of non-recyclable plastics waste, Etsy sellers have created reusable sanitary pads that are machine washable.


‘Gross!’ you may think, but they are actually made of specific soft materials that absorb and lock in moisture whilst providing more comfort.


As they don’t contain any of the bleaching agents’ regular sanitary products contain, they come with less irritation and smell. Equipped with a cute waterproof bag, these pads are super easy to store when you are out and about.



They actually also come in various colours, patterns and sizes so you can match up to your underwear with ease! From panty liners to thick pads, there’s something for everyone.


The best thing is that if washed properly, they can last years, which means less contributions to ocean pollution.


From menstrual cups to these new washable pads, it’s now easier than ever to go eco-friendly!


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Melissa Bowker

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