Will Smith takes a BIG jump!

Will Smith takes a BIG jump!

Yesterday marked Will Smiths big 50th Birthday and what more could he do to celebrate than jump out of an helicopter over the Grand Canyon, obviously!

The Hitch star decided to take a big leap out of a helicopter to celebrate his milestone and raise money for charity along side.

Documenting the experience over on Youtube, the livestream of the star has gathered over 4 million views up to now and we think thats going to continue growing. Will appeared very nervous as the helicopter hovered over the Grand Canyon before he took the leap of faith. 

The star appeared visibly nervous as he hovered over the canyon in northern Arizona before leaping backwards and plummeting towards the ground in a jump streamed live on YouTube.

Once he jumped, he continued to swing upside down stating: "This is gorgeous, beautiful." 

He then began to blow kisses to the crowd, which included wife Jada Pinkett Smith and kids Jaden, Willow and Trey and fellow Fresh Prince of Bell Air cast mate Alfonso Ribeiro, all there to support Will on his big birthday. 



Earlier this year, YouTube channel 'Yes Theory' challenged Will to do the jump and he quickly agreed in an effort to raise funds for the charity 'Education Cannot Wait.' A Charity which provides education to children around the world who deal with major conflicts, crises and natural disasters. So it was all for a very good cause. 

Happy Birthday Will! Check out more BTS over on his Instagram.  

Have you got a big birthday coming up? How will you celebrate?



Emily Bauress

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