Why ‘Sombre’ is This Season’s Must Have Look

Why ‘Sombre’ is This Season’s Must Have Look

So, we have all heard of Ombre right? Let’s face it, at some point we have all asked for the signature look at the hairdressers after seeing your favourite celeb wearing it.



But with all these new weird and wonderful Hollywood styles to choose from, it’s very rare for anyone to go to the salon and ask for simple highlights to blend the blonde.

There’s balayage, gloss smudging, mid-lighting and now ‘Sombre’!



The new must-have colour for Autumn has actually taken hair colouring back to basics, it’s basically ombre but more subtle.


Professional hair stylists have called the look ‘Sombre’ as it is a toned-down version of Ombre and so the ‘s’ stands for ‘subtle’. It’s the perfect blonde transition to take your hair from sun-kissed to autumnal.


‘Sombre gives your hair a natural ‘lived in’ look’, explains Ryan Pearl, Pro-colourist at NYC Cutler Salon and Redken brand ambassador. ‘It’s blended with extra brightness around the face and ends.’





Just like Ombre, the highlights begin further down the hair line but ‘Sombre’ adds more highlights around the face the brighten the shaping.


The finished effect is so subtle that nobody will ask, ‘is that ombre?’


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Melissa Bowker

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