Why New Horror 'Midsommar' has ‘Warnings’ issued by Critics

Why New Horror 'Midsommar' has ‘Warnings’ issued by Critics

Director of the new horror film Ari Aster has forewarned audiences to ‘watch the walls’ when checking out his latest movie.


Ahead of the UK release, during an interview with ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, he stated ‘It’s natural extension of the grim cinematic universe that spawned hereditary.’


Aster explains the film is ‘Depraved’, ‘Terrifying’, and ‘Unsettling’ and a ‘reminder that the scariest circumstances are often the ones heading right at us.’


One critic, Richard Lawson stated, ‘Fascinatingly expands on Hereditary’s sick plainness and humour about the awfulness of how quickly our bodies become nothing, vessels, newly broken and empty of life.’  



The film tells the story of Dani and Christian, a young millennial couple with a crumbling relationship.

In the aftermath of a family tragedy the couple manage to stay together, and a grieving Dani decides to make a mend by joining Christian and his friends on a once-in-a-lifetime midsummer festival in a secluded Swedish village.

The trip quickly turns sour when the insular villagers begin to invite guests to partake in disturbing festivities.


This film delves into the world of darkness in broad daylight and has been described as ‘Dread-soaked cinematic fairy-tale.’



Midsommar will be released in UK cinemas on 5 July.

Melissa Bowker

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