Why is There a Taboo for Men to Use Skincare?

When it comes to skincare, there are never ending possibilities of what you can use to enhance and improve your skin. But for some reason, there is an automatic target towards women – when the packaging on these products do not indicate a specific gender audience. Therefore, Men are left to believe that it is a women’s thing to look after their skin. Some are under impression that it is not masculine to indulge in beauty products and others think simply do not need to as a man.




No matter what age, gender or skin type you are, taking care of your body is vital for a healthy life. By using a simple moisturiser or cleanser, you are keeping your skin hydrated and preserving it’s elasticity.



The media is mostly to blame for this perception. There is a strict divide in advertising for male and female products that then leave the public brainwashed into believing that they can’t use certain products because they are a man. You can and you should.


If your skin looks and feels great, it can also help to improve your mental state and self-confidence knowing you no longer need to hide behind dull, dry and blemished skin.


Over the past couple of years, Love Island has helped to break down the taboo by allowing the public to see male islanders indulging in a face mask or cleanser.




Followed by that, ASOS released a video of a male model applying natural looking beauty products. And so, began a new way of advertising. This year we saw the introduction of men using women’s skincare products through Olay adverts during the Love Island ad breaks and hopefully this will leave a path other brands to follow.



Men should not be ashamed to use beauty products or use them in secret. Skincare products are amazing for your skin and you never know; it may give you a new lease of life.


To start off your new beauty journey as a man, why not try Give Me’s range of skincare products suited for all genders.


We have the Natural Mud Bubble Mask which is great for reaching deep into your pores. The bubbles soak into your skin and exfoliate the dead skin cells, leaving your skin with a radiant complexion.



There is also the that reach for those embedded blackheads and pull them from the roots. Removing grease and dirt build up from around your nose.


And for the fight against wrinkles, check out the Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask. Ideal for taking on holiday. The mask is rich in collagen and natural ingredients that will hydrate tired and dull looking skin, adding elasticity and glowing results.



Melissa Bowker

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