Who Said Nice Guys Finish Last?

Who Said Nice Guys Finish Last?

Well, whoever said chivalry is dead was clearly wrong. This season of Love Island was perfect example that the nice guy always wins and what goes around comes around.


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And heartbreaker, Michael Griffiths will definitely have been kicking himself after watching last nights 2019 Love Island Final as we saw Amber & Greg crowned as this year’s winning couple.


Firecracker beautician, Amber, had her heart pieced back together by sweetheart rugby player Greg, after a rough time in the Majorcan Villa.


Who is Greg?


The 24 – year-old Irish heartthrob swooped in at the last minute and became the Geordies knight in shining armour and king of the villa in just over a week! – Talk about luck of the Irish!


Pro Rugby Player, Greg O’Shea stole the nations heart when he single-handily put a smile back on Ambers face, and regained hope in women when it came to men. A true gentleman throughout, Greg never caused any drama and knew exactly how to treat a lady with respect and devotion – which is a lot more than some other islanders knew.


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Who was Amber Originally Couple up with?


Earlier on in the show, Amber was left devastated and humiliated after she was dumped by Firefighter Michael for newbie Joanna during Casa Amor. After Amber had stayed loyal to the Liverpudlian in the sister villa, she was left feeling like a ‘muggy’ as he dumped her in front of the entire firepit.


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But the heartache didn’t stop there, Michael continued to make Ambers life a misery in the villa as he flaunted his new relationship in front of her and continuously accused her of causing their break-up due to her ‘Chaldish’ ways. Amber had just about given up hope.


But then her Irish Prince Charming arrived.


Greg’s intentions were nothing but pure form day one and that was emphasised last night as he received the £50K cash prize and decided to share it with his beaming other half Amber.


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Who were the Runners – Up?


Just missing out on the cash prize win, Molly-Mae Hague & Tommy Fury came second in the 2019 series Finale of Love Island.


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The Social Media Influencer & Boxer were in fact the only ‘Official’ couple in the villa after being together for the majority of the show, expressing the ‘L’ to one another and putting a label on the relationship. It looked like it was in the bag for the duo. Right?


Sadly, they just fell short of winning this season of the reality TV show.


Many viewers believe that this was due to people struggling to connect with Molly – Mae, insinuating that her feelings for love struck Tommy were not genuine.


Photo Credit: ITV2

Only time will tell whether any relationships in the villa were genuine as they get thrown into their toughest challenge yet, the real world!


But do not fear! Love Island will be returning sooner than you think as the new show Love Island Winter Sun has been announced. Launching January 2020, we will see a whole new cast set up in Cape-Town South Africa!












Melissa Bowker

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