Who’s Leaving the Villa Tonight?

Who’s Leaving the Villa Tonight?

*Warning  - Spolier ALERT*


After an explosive Love Island episode where we saw Siannise and newbie Rebecca break out into a passive aggressive cat fight over Luke T, Jess and Luke M share their first kiss and Callum and Shaughna venture on their first date. We thought we couldn’t take any more drama in one episode, but then, in struts Whitmore herself to add the final blow and the cliff-hanger of the night. The public had been voting for their favourite couple and the one with the least votes faced being dumped from the villa!


All fresh faces and their partners were excluded from last night’s vote, so both Lukes, Rebecca & Jess were safe.


When the final two couples were announced, nobody could have foreseen Sophie and Connor facing being dumped. By the look on Sophie’s face, she assumed she would be safe!


And in true Love Island style, Laura released the bombshell twist, between the couple of Sophie & Connor; one person will be going home and the other saved by their fellow Islanders.


Serious ouch moment!


The expression on Connors face was not an image of acceptance when he knew he would be split from Sophie after grafting to get her back!


So, who do you think the islanders will save tonight?


Will the other person walk with their coupling out of the villa or will they stay to play the game?


Find out tonight at 9pm on ITV2!

Melissa Bowker

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