Who is the Bombshell Entering the Love Island Villa Tonight?

Who is the Bombshell Entering the Love Island Villa Tonight?

There’s a rumble in the Love Island villa tonight as a new islander steps foot in the South African Love Shack, and she’s taking no prisoners.


21-year-old firecracker, Rebecca Gormely is ready to turn heads in the ITV2 show as she attempts to steal a boy from the content house. The part-time model from Newcastle appeared in a preview at the end of last night’s show and it looks like we could have a second Maura entering and she’s eager to pounce.


In 2018, the beauty queen also won Miss Newcastle and came sixth last year in Miss England, so competitive is her middle name!



She describes herself as "fun, loud, outgoing, fearless and spontaneous" and gives herself a "8.5, maybe a 9 out of ten for looks", stating her eyes or her boobs are her best feature.


She says her worst habit is "looking people up and down and not realising.
"I give the wrong impression but I'm usually just checking out what they're wearing".

As she enters the villa, Rebecca says her ideal man is a 'Jack the lad' type.
She said: "He's got the be the centre of attention, easy to get along with, and someone who gets involved with the chat."


Rebecca usually meets her dates through friends of friends or on Instagram, her ideal first date is "Italian food and nice wine".

She says the boys she's got her eyes on in the villa are Connagh, Callum and Mike ( Who are all quite settled in their couples) and she'll go "as far as I need to go" to get the guy she wants.

Watch out ladies and hold onto your man!



Melissa Bowker

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