Who is Keanu Reeves New Mysterious Girlfriend?

Who is Keanu Reeves New Mysterious Girlfriend?

Since the tragedy surrounding Keanu’s wife back in 2001, The Matrix Star has actively avoided the public eye and shied away from the promise of any new romances.



But after what seems like decades of seeing Keanu keeping his life very private and walking the red carpet alone, along comes an elegant mystery woman linking arms with the John Wick actor himself at the at the LACMA Art + Film Gala Presented by Gucci in Los Angeles.


But who is the woman that has won the heart of the Keanu’s tortured soul?



Alexandra Grant is an artist and philanthropist, originally from Ohio, the 44-year-old graduated with a BA in History and Studio Art from Swarthmore College in 1994.



Known for her use of collaborations with writers and transforming their work into imagery in her sculptures, drawings, paintings and video content.


Despite originating from North America, Grant has also formerly lived in Mexico, Spain & France.

Her professional work has been exhibited in prestigious places such as Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Galerie Gradvia in Paris & The Harris Lieberman Gallery in New York.


In 2008 Alexandra founded the non-profit organisation grantLOVE which creates and sells original artwork to help aid art projects in the community.



Keanu first collaborated with the artist back in 2011 on a grown-up picture book, Ode to Happiness. The book did so well that the poet-artist duo came back for a second book in 2016, shadows which involved Grant photographing Reeves during the filming of John Wick.


Shadows consisting of dark silhouette style images taken by Grant compiled of poetry written by Reeves himself.


Since then, the two have been spotted together at art galleries, book signings, posed for Vogue Spain and even travelled to Germany to work together.


Speaking of the time they have spent together over the years, Alexandra told W Magazine: 'We can spend a lot of time debating. Like, 'A raspberry hue? And should it be darker?' We can get obsessive.'

‘No one can move the way he can.’ Grant told LA Times, ‘He's a really extreme performer.’

'That's a huge piece of why those images are so interesting. I knew that if I moved the camera as we danced together, as photographer and subject, we could create these wonderful optical illusions.' 

In 2017, the two founded publishing company X Artists' Books, with a focus on 'unusual collaborations' and books that 'don't really have a place because they're between genres.’



It looks like Keanu has finally found someone who can really appreciate his artistic talents and compliment his work. They certainly seem like a match made in heaven!



Melissa Bowker

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