What Makes us Bloat?  - You Wouldn’t BELIEVE the causes!

What Makes us Bloat? - You Wouldn’t BELIEVE the causes!

It’s not ideal in the slightest. Imagine going for a first date sporting a little figure-hugging number and then the pesky bloating creeps up.



Usually, bloating, gassiness and abdominal discomfort is brought on by an overindulgence during holiday seasons but in reality, it is so much more common in everyday routines than you know!


There are many factors as to why our bellies temporarily swell and cause inconveniences in our lives.



Here are three of the most common causes of bloating and what to do to avoid it.


  1. Overeating – This is probably one of the most well-known causes of bloating. Instead of eating to an uncomfortable state, break down your meals and spread them across your day. Eat little and often, more meals but smaller portions.


  1. Fatty Foods – Eating foods high in saturated fat in large doses can cause an uncomfortable feeling of being stuffed and can induce abdominal cramps and constipation, resulting in a painful swollen tummy. Switching to lean protein and energy releasing carbohydrates can fulfil your hunger and sustain it for longer.


  1. Eating too quick – Eating too fast can cause your belly to bloat. By eating quickly, your stomach will struggle to keep up with the digestion, resulting in you brain believing you are still hungry and leading to overeating. Diet experts believe that by eating slowly, it will dampen your appetite and make you feel fuller quicker.


  1. Too Much Fibre – Eating high fibre foods for health benefits, such as whole grains and wheat can cause unnecessary bloating as excessive fibre intakes may be a shock to your body and causing temporary swelling. If you are advised to consume more fibre into your diet, make sure you slowly introduce high fibre foods and let your body build a tolerance to the change of diet.


There are many other less well known reasons why our bellies temporarily swell, and some may well SHOCK you!



  1. Chewing gum
  2. Drinking through a straw
  3. Drinking carbonated beverages
  4. Sucking hard on a boiled sweet
  5. Working out


Yes, you read that correctly! Workouts can cause you to bloat!



Basically, these causes develop by gas-producing air being consumed too quickly. Which can develop into trap wind and bloating. Some people tend to swallow more air when they’re nervous. By practicing stress/anxiety relieving breathing exercises will help train your muscles to relax and may help reduce gas prone bloating. 

Melissa Bowker

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