Wayans Brothers CONFIRMS White Chicks Sequel!

Wayans Brothers CONFIRMS White Chicks Sequel!

White Chicks, comedy genius and farcical fun, clearly a movie that went down in chick flick history.


Two black detectives disguised as white hotel heiresses in a ludicrous and hilarious storyline filled with iconic one-liners and memorable sing-along classics.


Well it’s been 15 years, but the Wayans Brothers are back, and they are treating us with our wildest dreams – White Chicks 2! “I think I’m going to have a BF!”


Dust off your Vanessa Carlton CD and jump in your convertible because we are re-visiting the ‘White Chicks Gang”.


In an interview with Watch What Happens Live, actor, Terry Crews admitted that the comedic brothers have been in talks over the return and have met up with his to discuss the subject.


‘You know what, I actually got with Shawn and he was like “Man, we doing it… We getting it going” … I’m staying in shape just for that movie.’


Crews played the smooth-talking hunk ‘Latrell Spencer’ in the hit comedy, who tried to pursue Tiffany Wilson – who unbeknown to him happened to be a man in prosthetics. (Even through it was dramatically obvious!)


It’s still unclear when the movie will return but it’s safe to say we are all very excited for this sequel to be released.


Melissa Bowker

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